About Us

Our Mission

At the Sian Green Foundation, our mission is to empower amputees as they navigate their new physical reality. Through the provision of funding for prosthetics, we strive to ensure that amputees are able to reclaim their independence, mobility, and quality of life. We believe that no amputee should be denied access to the prosthetics they need due to financial constraints.

To provide One on One mentoring & support For Amputees

It’s very important that you have the right support as an amputee, as losing a limb can be an extremely life-changing experience, especially if you have other injuries. The Sian Green Foundation can provide one on one mentoring and give you relevant advice and support that you may need to help deal with your amputation.

To develop relationships & engage in social activities

During Sian’s recovery, she found it very helpful to speak to and meet up with other Amputee’s who were able to relate to what she was going through on both a physical and psychological level. Through our charity, we can help you connect with people in your local area, as well as organise activities and days out to help you build lifelong friendships.

Meet Our Team

Sian Green

Charity Director

At the start of 2021 after much research, i decided to purchase my first sports blade from Levitate sport. I had been an amputee for 8 years at that point and never fully enjoyed any physical activity so this was a huge step for me.

I was finally able to comfortably join in at Boxing classes and the gym which made a huge difference to my life and my mental health.

Angela Thomson

Charity Trustee

Angela Thompson is currently the Targeted Youth Support Lead for Leicester City Council’s Youth Service. Angela has over 30 years experience in Youth Work and Youth Work management, including working in both the Voluntary and Statutory sector; in Newark -Nottinghamshire, Nottingham city and Leicester & Leicestershire.

Angela successfully managed a local Counseling Charity for young people aged 11 – 19 years for 22 years. Therefore hopes to bring her knowledge and expertise of managing a Charity to the Sian Green Foundation.

Outside of work Angela is keen Silversmith and Silver Jewelry designer and enjoys Caribbean cooking.

Annie Taylor

Charity Trustee

Annie Taylor recently joined the SGF Team but has been helping out with fundraising events over the years with her excellent organisation skills.

Annie is a close Friend of Sian’s and has been with her every step of the way from Sian going through her amputation through to recovery. She knows first-hand what a difference our mission will make to other Amputee’s and the SGF team are lucky to have her on board.

Kelly Jackson

Charity Trustee

Kelly Jackson has been a right leg above the knee amputee since May 19th, 2013. Kelly flew out the roof of her mini convertible and the car landed on top of her causing her Amputation, burning off her left ear, cheek, and neck.

Since Kelly’s accident, she has taken part running/raising funds for numerous charities and writing for her very own blog Kelly’s smile. Kelly’s positive attitude and outlook make her a perfect trustee as she has a lasting positive effect on anyone that meets her.