How The Sian Green Foundation works

Find out how are charity works, how you can get involved as well as how you can apply for support

At the Sian Green Foundation, we work closely with the Blatchford Group empowering individuals who are seeking funding for prosthetics whether it be for walking, running, cycling, swimming etc.

How to apply

  • Fill out your application by navigating to our application page
  • Shortly after submission, you’ll receive an acknowledgment email to confirm your application
  • All charitable applications are reviewed by our trustees on an individual basis
  • If your application is successful we will then arrange for the funds to be sent to your prosthetic provider.


To provide amputees with individual specialist care


Raising funds for Amputee’s who need specialist care and prosthetics. All Amputations are different and some people need different prosthetics and the cost of these prosthetics can vary in price. So The Sian Green Foundation will part fund your new prosthetic whether it be for walking, running, cycling, swimming etc.

To provide mentoring & support throughout recovery & after


It’s very important that you have the right support as an amputee, as losing a limb can be an extremely life-changing experience, especially if you have other injuries. The Sian Green Foundation can provide one on one mentoring and give you relevant advice and support that you may need to help deal with your amputation.

To develop relationships & engage in social activities


During Sian’s recovery, she found it very helpful to speak to and meet up with other Amputee’s who were able to relate to what she was going through on both a physical and psychological level. Through our charity, we can help you connect with people in your local area, as well as organise activities and days out to help you build lifelong friendships.