At the start of 2021 after much research, I decided to purchase my first sports blade from Levitate sport. I had been an amputee for 8 years at that point and never fully enjoyed any physical activity so this was a huge step for me. I was finally able to comfortably join in at Boxing classes and the gym which made a huge difference to my life and my mental health.

This was made possible because levitate make sporting blades not only affordable but make sure the quality is perfect. I wanted everyone to be able to experience the same feeling I get when I use my blade and have choice within their life. 

With my new found level of options that my blade has provided me, I decided the Sian Green Foundation would fund Levitate sporting blades for Amputee’s here in the UK and to give everyone the chance to experience what I have.

Prosthetic Leg Leviate

About Levitate

Levitate is a Copenhagen-based sports equipment company making running blades for amputees. Levitate makes the running blades more attainable so the traditional process no longer sidelines those who want to play, exercise or compete.

Until now, amputees, like Levitates founder, have had to overcome a series of financial and emotional hurdles to get the gear they need to get moving. Costly equipment that even fails to deliver on quality. Time-consuming appointments with specialists. Long waits sitting around for your prosthesis to arrive.

Levitate has taken matters into their own hands, so anyone can too. No more specialists. No more high costs and hidden fees. No more wasted time. Levitate reimagined the entire system, granting people the power to directly order running blades to their homes. For this purpose, Levitate designed a revolutionary sports blade that’s affordable, durable, and easy to use, so you can throw caution to the wind and perform confidently.

Levitate removed the barriers that stand between amputees and an active life with a self-installation kit and a blade that can take the user beyond running. users can adjust the blade to their preferred height, change the sole, or switch the adapter when they get a new socket.


“Sian is an incredible person who has teamed up with a beautiful company in Denmark who has a mission to make blades more financially accessible for people worldwide like us.

I heard about Sian’s foundation through Levitate and within a heartbeat Sian blessed me with this amazing levitate blade.

I’ve been “advised” from NHS Centre that I am not allowed to touch my leg but Levitate has made it so easy for people to be empowered to mount their own blades to their existing sockets.

With Sian’s generosity and her advice on hand, I received my blade, put on my running shoe and flew! I’ve been hiking, going through muddy trails, pebble beaches and attempting to run again at only six months post amputation.

I am so grateful to Sian for giving me freedom and the ability to accomplish so many goals with confidence and no limitations.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!"