How to apply to us for funding

Find out how you can benefit from our charity and how to make an application with us

At the Sian Green Foundation, we work closely with the Blatchford Group empowering individuals who are seeking funding for prosthetics whether it be for walking, running, cycling, swimming etc.

We accept applications from amputees of all ages with individual specialist care. Applicants are required to be permanently resident in the UK.
We will accept applications both via our website and by post. We welcome applications for support from all sections of the amputee community and decisions are made in relation to our available funding levels and never on the grounds of age, race, gender or sexuality.


Examples of applications we will consider:

  •  Arm and leg prosthetics
  • Prosthetics for sports
  • Leg Covers e.g. Skins/decorative covers

Examples of applications we will not consider:

  • Anything for which there is statutory funding available.
  • Building works or adaptations of home, work premises or vehicles
  • Respite care or holidays
  • Retrospective funding (e.g. where good have already been purchased or ordered and
    a deposit paid).


Please note that our income is derived from fundraising and donations and we are likely to receive more applications than we can fund. As our funds are limited we have to prioritise and where it is deemed that the beneficiary or the beneficiary’s family are able to provide the equipment

from their own resources, the application will be rejected.



Step 1.

Complete the application form which we’ve provided. You can download the application form in a PDF format or a Microsoft Word (.Docx) format. The information you give is required to help us to decide if a grant can be offered


Step 2.

The information you provide to us within your application will help us to decide if a grant can be offered. Once you have completed your application form post it to us at the address on the bottom of the form or attach via our email address.

Step 3.

A letter or email acknowledging we have received your application will be sent to you as soon as we are able to following receipt at our office.  If your application does not fit the criteria we will tell you in this letter or email.