As you all know I was hospitalised in New York, and whilst I was in intensive care I had an amazing mentor named Theresa Sareo. Theresa also lost her leg due to an accident and is now a mentor at the Bellevue hospital. She was a huge help to me, as I knew nothing about walking, prosthetic limbs and how to feel “normal” etc. She was a huge help not only to me but for my family members too.

Theresa was there to answer all my questions and help me through the whole 6 weeks I was there. I look back on my experience and the impact her support gave me was AMAZING because she reassured that I was going to be O.K.

Now…. I have had this idea from the very beginning to go and pass on the same support to amputees in the U.K, which Theresa passed to me. It is so beneficial especially if you have not prepared to become an amputee, to speak to someone that has been through everything you’re going through at that very moment. I can’t stress enough how positive these visits can be.

So if you or anyone else you know would like support please get in touch via email.